How to use our kit to capture impression of your teeth for the custom mouth guard.

You are steps away from your custom night guard - Let’s get started!

To craft a perfect mouth guard, we will need an accurate impression of your teeth. In your kit we’ve included 3 different tray sizes and a fast setting dental putty that captures a precise impression of your upper teeth. We’re here every step of the way to walk you through the process using our simple instruction guide. Please carefully read and follow the instructions because the fit of your mouth guard depends on the accuracy of your impression.

Summary Checklist

  • Get clock, stopwatch, or timer
  • Put the white and blue putties in the fridge for 20+ minutes
  • Select the tray that best fits you
  • Mix the putty (30 seconds)
  • Load the putty on the tray (10 seconds)
  • Push the loaded tray onto your upper teeth
  • Wait 3 minutes and remove the tray with the putty
  • Fill out the impression form and sign the informed consent card
  • Mail your impression (in the tray) and impression form back to us

Step 1 - Preparation

Before we begin, let's carefully read through ALL the instructions. It's important to know what to do in advance since the putty starts to harden as soon as it’s mixed.

First, put white and blue putty into a fridge for at least 20 minutes prior to mixing. This is a very important step. If you mix the putties without cooling them off first, they will harden a lot sooner.

Next, wash your hands with antibacterial soap and thoroughly brush & floss your teeth.

Now, let’s select the right tray for your mouth. Try out the 3 trays from your kit. A tray should cover all your back teeth and your teeth should fit in the center groove of the tray with some wiggle room and without touching the sides. Prepare the following items and have them ready:

  • Appropriate size tray
  • Catalyst (white) and base (blue) putty
  • Clock, stopwatch, or timer
  • Mirror

 Step 2 - Mix the Putty

25-30 seconds and not a second more

Now, with clean, dry hands take out the base and catalyst putties, flatten the two putties into pancakes, fold them and quickly knead them together until mixture is uniform in color, without any streaks. Please make sure you DO NOT spend more than 30 seconds mixing the putty since it starts to harden as soon as it is mixed.

Step 3 - Load the Tray

10 seconds maximum and not a second more

Roll the mixed putty to form a log shape about the same length as the groove in the impression tray. Load the log shaped putty into the tray as shown in the image and equally distribute the material around the center groove of the tray.

Step 4 - Take the Upper Impression

3 minutes

Position your teeth over the center grooves of the loaded tray. A mirror can be very helpful in this step.

Place your thumbs along the arch of the tray, deeply push the putty upwards onto your teeth in one even motion. The putty should cover all your back teeth and spread slightly past the teeth to cover the gums.

With light even pressure, hold the impression in place for 3 minutes to allow the putty to sufficiently harden. DO NOT bite down or move the impression until the putty has hardened. It’s perfectly natural for this part to feel awkward, just relax your lips and mouth.

Step 5 - Remove Your Impression

Remove the tray by slowly pulling it straight down. It may feel a bit tight, so if necessary, gently rock it to make it easier to remove.

Rinse the impression with cool water and let sit for 10 minutes to dry and completely harden. DO NOT remove the impression from the plastic tray.

Step 6 - Check Your Impression

We’re almost done! Now let’s examine your impression. You should see:

  • Clear outlines of all your teeth and gum lines
  • No distortion
  • No teeth marks touch the plastic tray walls

If you are not confident with the quality of the impression you made, please send us an email with an attached photo of your impression and your order number in the subject line to We’ll check it and if necessary, send you another impression set for a retake.

Step 7 - Mail Impression to the Lab

Congratulations! The hard part’s over!

Now, fill out the impression return card, sign the consent form, and mail back the following using our USPS pre-paid return envelope:

  • Impression return and consent form (filled out)
  • Your impression in the tray (do not remove impression from the tray)

Need an extra? We can make more than one night-guard for you at a discount.

Email us at ‘’ for details!

Here is what happens next:

  • We receive your impression and create your night guard (6-10 business days)
  • We ship your custom night guard and email you the tracking number (3-5 business days)

We’ll keep you updated every step of the way. Watch for our emails!