Our Response to COVID19

Our Response to COVID-19

As a manufacturer of dental products, we have always maintained strict health and safety guidelines and procedures. These include:

  1. All impressions are immediately disinfected using Cavicide, a known fighting agent: https://www.americanchemistry.com/Novel-Coronavirus-Fighting-Products-List.pdf
  2.  All staff that handles cases wear disposable gloves and face masks.
  3. All finished guards are steam cleaned prior to packaging in the sterile plastic case.

And since February 20th, we have taken additional precautions, including staff travel restrictions, staggered employee shifts, and additional cleaning and sanitation measures:

  • All finished guards are sprayed with Cavicide prior to steam cleaning. In light of this new step in the process, please make sure to thoroughly clean and rinse your guard upon receipt.
  • Laboratory tabletops and instruments are wiped down regularly with Cavicide.
  • Case pans are disinfected after each use.
  • We kill all viruses and bacteria in the air using an ozonator. The O3 destroys all harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens and cleans the air circulating in the laboratory.
  • We have been always committed to taking appropriate measures to protect the safety and health of our customer and employees. Please do reach out to our support staff here with any questions or concerns.